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Elite Pro SuperAmp For Xbox One & Windows 10

Xbox One | Windows 10

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Product Overview


Plug your favorite gaming headset into the Turtle Beach® Elite SuperAmp™ Pro Performance Gaming Audio Controller, officially licensed for Xbox One and Windows 10, and prepare to dominate your competition. Connect to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app (iOS/Android) from your mobile device to unleash the full power of the single-dial Elite SuperAmp™, including game and chat audio mix, four audio presets and SuperHuman Hearing™. With powerful amplification, Windows Sonic surround sound will completely immerse you in the fight and Dynamic Chat Boost™ keeps your chat easily heard over the game sounds. Packed with game-changing features, the Elite SuperAmp gives you the true advantage of hearing everything and defeating everyone! #WeAreElite

Audio Connection
Xbox One & Windows 10: 3.5mm + USB; Mobile Devices: Bluetooth®
What's in the Box
Audio Controller
Turtle Beach Elite SuperAmp™ Audio Controller
Optical Cable, Mini USB Power Cable
Quick Start Guide
Turtle Beach Sticker
Bluetooth® Connectivity

Connect to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app from your compatible iOS or Android mobile device to unleash the full power of the Elite SuperAmp™. Personalize settings like Dynamic Chat Boost™ and EQ Audio Presets, LED color settings and additionally stream music or take calls while gaming.

Powerful Amplified Audio

Louder is better! Immerse yourself in your games with powerful amplified sound from your Xbox One and Windows 10.

Surround Sound Ready for Xbox One

Xbox One’s Windows Sonic for Headphones delivers immersive virtual surround sound to bring your games, movies and music to life. *Windows Sonic for Headphones provided by Microsoft for Xbox One (and compatible Windows 10 PCs). Also compatible with Dolby Atmos® for Headphones (Additional purchase may be required.)

Audio Presets, Including Bass Boost

Enhance your gameplay experience with four audio EQ audio presets including Bass Boost, Signature Sound, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost.

Superhuman Hearing™

With Turtle Beach's exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting, you'll have the competitive advantage by being able to hear all the subtle yet game-changing sounds, like enemy footsteps sneaking up on your six, other players reloading their weapon for an ambush, and vehicles off in the distance approaching with reinforcements. It's vital intelligence for the split-second, life-or-death decisions that elevate great gamers above the rest.

Dynamic Chat Boost™

Activate to automatically increase incoming chat volume over game audio during loud gameplay spikes so you hear your teammates clearly and never miss a command.

Variable Mic Monitoring

Say it…don't shout it, thanks to the ability to hear and adjust the volume of your own voice inside the headset to avoid shouting at teammates and other players.

Stream Output

Easily connect to the Elite SuperAmp™ to broadcast your gameplay and chat streams in real-time to further immerse your fans in your entire competitive experience.

Elite Warranty & Support

The Elite SuperAmp™ is covered by an extended two-year warranty with priority support.

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

Customize your audio and always make sure you are running the most up-to-date firmware!

Turtle Beach Audio Hub

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