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Headset Audio Controller Plus

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  • Plugs directly into your Xbox Controller
  • Enhanced audio for any 3.5mm connected headset
  • Critical audio controls right at your fingertips
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Product Overview

Your New Audio Advantage

Designed by Turtle Beach with all-new innovations for the ultimate Xbox chat and game audio experience.

Superhuman Hearing™…Proven to Play Better*

Tested on hundreds of gamers, Turtle Beach® exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting lets you hear subtle, yet game-changing sounds so you can live 20% longer and win more. Hear vital game details like enemy footsteps and weapon reloads to elevate your game above the rest, proven to improve gamers’ K/D by 33% on popular FPS games.
*Data based on Turtle Beach Superhuman Hearing study conducted by Real Industry, May 2021.

Game & Mic Presets

Selectable game presets to customize your sound (Natural Sound, Bass Booster, Bass & Treble Booster and Vocal Booster) and environmental mic presets you can set based on room noise levels (Quiet, Normal & Loud rooms).


Use Variable Mic Monitoring to adjust the level of your own voice in the headset – so you don’t have to shout!

Total Control Chat

The Ear Force Headset Audio Controller Plus also features game and chat volume mix, master volume and mic mute controls.