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Turtle BeachJanuary 23, 2023

4 Reasons To Buy a Yoke VS Standard Xbox Controller



January 23, 2023

The VelocityOne Flight was designed around four basic pillars, Universal, Realistic, Customisable, and Accessible, all of which are integral to how the yoke and throttle quadrant is experienced by our community and keeps the user fully immersed in the experience. That’s why it beats an Xbox controller hands down, every time. Let’s dive in to learn more about each pillar.

The VelocityOne Flight has been designed as a universal control system so that you can easily switch from your Cessna to your Airbus with ease. The designers have taken inspiration from light aircraft, medium size turboprops, and airliners to design the optimal ergonomics and feel of the controls. As the yoke has been designed to represent many different types of aircraft, it has a large number of buttons and functions on the yoke and throttle quadrant within easy reach, making it truly universal.

Initially designed with MSFS in mind, the VelocityOne Flight works with many other titles too, with more support for additional titles being added in the future.

The feel of flying using proper flight controls, the fine control required for a buttery smooth landing, the Cessna style vernier TPM, and the precision with which you can trim the aircraft are just a few of the reasons why the VelocityOne Flight is enjoyed by our community. The feel of the controls has been fine-tuned by engineers and tested by aviation professionals to ensure it’s as close as possible to the real thing. We put extra effort into the trim wheel to ensure smooth operation with a high-quality feel, as close to the real aircraft as possible. The SIP(Status Indicator Panel) works just like a Central Warning Panel that you’d get on some aircraft, so users can tell the status of their landing gear, fuel, and flap position just by a quick glance. Helping to retain as much immersion as possible.

The numerous buttons and axes on the VelocityOne Flight are all customizable, making it a very versatile setup. You can create numerous custom profiles, and instantly change the lever tops to match the style of flying you’re doing, whether it’s soaring over the Rockies looking for a dirt strip, taking 150 passengers plus cargo into Innsbruck, or charging your hyperdrive to jump to the next star system at Centauri Prime.



At a very reasonable price point, and built with the beginner in mind, everything you need to get in the air is supplied all in one easy-to-use package. The VelocityOne Flight is also designed for seasoned hardcore flight simmers, so there’s all the built-in functionality you need to take you from zero to hero as your home cockpit setup grows and develops with you.

As you can probably tell, during the design process, the engineers fell in love with the VelocityOne Flight more and more, and all of them have one at home which they continue to use very frequently on their own games and sim flights!

What’s your favorite part of the VelocityOne Flight? Maybe the customized flight profile you’ve got in MSFS for your favorite jet, maybe the trim wheel, or maybe the easy way you can quickly detach it from the table for work? Let us know, reach out to other fans at the Turtle Beach Simulation Discord  and let us know how you feel across our various social channels!

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