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Nick FarrellMay 31, 2024

All Weapon Challenges In XDefiant

XDefiant, the new FPS from Ubisoft has been in development for quite some time now, and while fans were anticipating a release date a few years back, we're now checking out all the game has to offer. 

As players dive further into the game, you're going to want to complete some challenges to gain some additional XP.

Here's all the weapon ones. 

All Weapon Challenges In XDefiant

XDefiant has many similarities in Call of Duty and other FPS titles, but the game does offer some unique weapons, maps and more.

Challenges are in every game, and the following ones will be completable for each weapon. 


Deal 4,000 damage with assault rifles. The default assault rifle unlocked at the beginning of the game will be the M4A1.

ACR 6.8

Get 10 longshot kills with assault rifles from over 30 meters. A sign will pop up on your screen after you have completed a longshot kill.


Get 20 headshot kills with assault rifles. You will get a pop up on your screen for each headshot kill.

Vector .45 ACP

Deal 10,000 damage with SMGs. The first SMG unlocked by default will be the MP5A2.


Sprint for 240 seconds with secondary weapons equipped.

686 Magnum

Get 5 quick-swap kills. Quick swap kills can be done by quickly swapping from the secondary weapon to the primary weapon and then getting a kill within a few seconds.


Kill 10 enemies by hipfire while using an SMG. Hipfire kills are kills that are done without aiming down sights.


Get 20 point-blank kills while equipping an SMG. Point-blank kills can be done by killing an enemy within less than 5 meters.


Deal 5,000 damage to enemy equipment like the Incinerator Drone, Mag Barrier, and others with an LMG.


Deal 10,000 Damage with LMGs. The default unlocked LMG is the M249.

Double Barrel

Kill 10 enemies by hipfire using a shotgun.


Get 15 shotgun point-blank kills.


Get 15 longshot kills by killing enemies at more than 30 meters with a Marksman rifle.


Get 10 one-shot kills while using a sniper rifle.


Deal 1,000 damage to enemies while using a secondary weapon.


Get 4 point-blank kills while using a secondary weapon.

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