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Turtle BeachMay 7, 2020

Awesome Celebrities Who Play Animal Crossing


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons draws gamers young and old from all walks of life... including several celebrities! 

Awesome Celebrities Who Play Animal Crossing


May 7, 2020


Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an incredibly popular game, there’s no denying that. It seems like everyone is playing it, from kids stuck at home, all the way to 88-year-old grandmothers like Audrey who put thousands of hours into New Leaf and is now enjoying her time in New Horizons.

The game is both approachable and addicting, drawing gamers from all walks of life. In fact, several celebrities have posted about their time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons including actors, actresses, musicians, and even culinary connoisseurs.

If you’re wondering which celebrities are playing Animal Crossing right now, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites! 

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Awesome Celebrities Who Play Animal Crossing

Elijah Wood

Starting this list off we have Elijah Wood (Frodo in The Lord of the Rings) who’s easily one of the most considerate Animal Crossing players you’ll ever come across. Looking to sell turnips, Elijah Wood sought out players with solid turnip prices on Twitter and found @directedbyrian and sent her a DM. 

Obviously, the opportunity to have Elijah Wood visit your island is something you’d never turn down, and Wood was invited over. Apparently, Wood’s island is called “Driftwood” which is very fitting if we do say so ourselves.

Not only was he able to sell his turnips, it turns out he’s also incredibly kind and polite. He complimented the island, asked if it was alright to pick some fruit, and stuck around to take a group photo to commemorate the experience.

Not only has this story convinced us that we need to get Elijah Wood to visit our island ASAP, but we also really want to visit his island and see what Driftwood is all about!


Danny Trejo

Elijah Wood isn’t the only celebrity that wants to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons with you as Danny Trejo (Spy Kids, Machete, Grindhouse) took to Twitter to ask if anyone wanted his Dodo Code. Um, yes? We would pay some big Bells for that Dodo Code, no doubt about it.

We’re not alone as the comments on Twitter are full of people looking to get in on that Dodo Code including company Twitter accounts, outlets like GameSpot, and people like Gary Whitta and Greg Miller to name just a few.

What’s nice about Trejo is that he not only wants to play Animal Crossing with fellow New Horizons players, he’s also retweeted creations like this sand art image of Trejo’s Tacos posted by @FaytxFate. We’re not quite sure what Trejo’s island looks like as the only image he’s posted is one of K.K. Slider, but in our minds, we imagine it’s absolutely badass.


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen isn’t shy about sharing the shows and games that she likes on social media. Not only does she watch 90 Day Fiance with the rest of us (it’s highly entertaining trash) but she also plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Unlike Wood or Trejo, you probably won’t get invited to Teigan’s island as she’s posted about not enjoying visitors or going to visit other islands. Instead, she prefers to “shake trees and make money” according to her Twitter post on April 2nd.

She also hated Zipper and his endless stream of eggs as much as the rest of us, saying in one particularly hilarious tweet:

“I’m gonna axe this guy and throw him in the river, weighing him down with his own eggs.” Whether you play Animal Crossing, or you want a little humor added to your day, we definitely recommend following Chrissy Teigan.


Brie Larson

It’s no secret that Brie Larson loves Animal Crossing as she’s given entire interviews to outlets like Elle about the game. Larson notes in that interview that she grew up playing the Animal Crossing series along with her sister.

“It was such a huge deal,” she told Elle. “Me and my sister and my mom created a rule that whoever finished their homework first got to play first, so we would blast through it.” According to Larson, some of her favorite Animal Crossing characters include Isabelle and K.K. Slider.

She also provided tips for new Animal Crossing players in the article like saving resources like Iron rather than taking it and immediately crafting a frying pan.

Not only is Brie Larson obviously a huge fan of playing Animal Crossing, she also loves interacting with the Animal Crossing community through posts like one posted on April 24 asking people to share photos of their island progress. 

Her Twitter timeline is full of Animal Crossing retweets with people creating art and character designs based around Larson and characters that she plays like Captain Marvel. If you make something cool like a piece of Captain Marvel x Animal Crossing art you should definitely share it and tag @brielarson because you never know… she may just retweet it!


Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban


If you’re not big on k-pop you may not know Lisa, one of the four members of Blackpink. That said, even if k-pop isn’t your thing though, there’s no denying how successful Blackpink has become. On YouTube, their videos quickly rack up hundreds of millions of views, and Blackpink made history as the first k-pop group to ever perform at Coachella.

It’s hard to find a moment to relax, but in her spare time, Blackpink’s Lisa has confirmed that she plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Recently, she was spotted playing the game alongside ex-I.O.I member Somi. 

The two showed each other what their characters looked like and Lisa caught an incredibly valuable fish. Apparently, Lisa isn’t the only Blackpink member to play Animal Crossing as Jisoo also plays with Lisa as well as Somi!


Guy Fieri

It’s hard to confirm whether Guy Fieri actually plays Animal Crossing or not. It’s possible that his social media team is simply on a roll with the hilarious and timely posts they roll out. For example, a photoshopped set of images of Yoda and Baby Yoda  rocking Fieri’s electric blonde hair were posted for Star Wars Day and it’s… definitely interesting to look at to say the least. 

On April 13, a tweet about Guy Fieri’s island in Animal Crossing made an insane amount of waves. What’s his island called? Flavortown, of course! In the image shared to Twitter, an Animal Crossing version of Fieri can be seen in front of a photoshopped ‘Fieri Crossing’ sign.

Replying to the tweet, other Animal Crossing players shared their attempts to recreate Fieri and shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives including Twitter user @ZomBmu who made a full diner complete with Fieri’s actual picture hanging on the wall and a character that looks quite a bit like Fieri himself. 

Even if we can’t visit Fieri’s version of Flavortown, we can make our own custom Flavortown island and we think that’s beautiful. 


Naturally, there are other celebrities who play Animal Crossing: New Horizons though they may be a bit less vocal about it than the ones listed above.

Do you know of any other celebrities who play Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Do you have any favorite celebrity Animal Crossing players of your own?

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