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Turtle BeachAugust 5, 2022

Destiny 2: Best Vex Farm In 2022




August 5, 2022

Where to farm Vex enemies in Destiny 2

Generally speaking you can find Vex across a lot of destinations in Destiny 2. They’re on the Nessus, the Moon, and Europa, but if you need to farm a lot of Vex quickly, where is the best place to go?

Maybe you’re in need of a lot of Vex Milk, or maybe you want to farm Vex to earn that Vex Mythoclast.

Recently in 2022 players were could farm a lot of Vex (and the Vex Mythoclast) via the Vault of Glass raid and the Atheon encounter. You just need to make sure you keep wiping your team and respawning from a checkpoint before the Atheon encounter so you can keep running it to your hearts content.

Assuming you want to farm Vex more casually without running strikes, the best place to farm Vex is on the Moon in Sorrow’s Harbour. Just head towards the Vex gate in the cave where the Garden of Salvation raid starts. You could even boot up the Garden of Salvation raid, run the entrance and then reboot to start it all over again. Need more help, check out the video below.

Where to farm Powerful Vex in Destiny 2

As mentioned, the entrance to the Garden of Salvation raid is a good place to farm Vex and especially since it will have a few yellow bar powerful Vex to slay too.

The entrance itself features three waves of Vex, plus a handful of powerful Vex too.

As we mention, you can also just keep booting up the raid and running this cave entrance over and over should you need to farm quite a few powerful Vex too.

What is the best strike to farm Vex kills in Destiny 2?

It used to be that players could farm the ‘A Garden World’ and ‘The Pyramidion’ Strikes for Vex kills, but both are currently Vaulted in Destiny 2.

As a result, there is arguably no ‘best’ Strike to farm Vex kills since there’s a handful of Strikes which feature plenty of Vex, but not exclusively or in any great numbers.

Try to focus your attention on Strikes such as ‘The Glassway’, ‘The Inverted Spire’ and ‘Warden of Nothing’.

All three strikes feature plenty of Vex, but we’d be hard pushed to say one feature noticeably more than others. Potentially the ‘Warden of Nothing’ strike, but we’d honestly need to do a headcount to be sure and we imagine it’s still pretty close.

That’s everything you need to know about farming Vex enemies in Destiny 2. However, if you’re looking for more Destiny 2 guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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