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Turtle BeachAugust 26, 2022

Diablo 3 Best Builds For Echoing Nightmare (Season 27)



Diablo 3 Best Builds For Echoing Nightmare (Season 27)


August 26, 2022

What are the best Diablo 3 Builds for Echoing Nightmare? We’ll go ahead and assume that if you’ve found this page you understand that the Echoing Nightmare is Diablo 3’s most recent endgame activity added as part of Season 26. It was a Seasonal feature, but becomes a permanent addition to the game.

We’ll go ahead and assume that if you’re reading this you have already reached level 70 and grabbed yourself a Petrified Scream from defeating Rift Guardians.

Assuming you’re all ready to go, you probably want to know what type of build will stand you in good stead for the endless waves of hellspawn that will come at you. Read on, we’ll do our best to help you out.

Diablo 3 Echoing Nightmare Best Class and Builds

Unlike the conventional Solo GR pushing builds listed on our Diablo 3 Tier List page, you’re probably better opting for a slightly different build when undertaking the Echoing Nightmare activity.

Admittedly, given that this activity is still so fresh, we could see this tier list alter slightly over the coming season, so we’ll endeavour to keep it updated. For the time being though, the experts over at Maxroll.gg (including the likes of Wudijo) believe there is a clear favourite in Season 27.

The best and most powerful class and build for the Echoing Nightmare in Season 27 is (once again) the Demon Hunter Marauder Sentry. Unlike last season though, it’s not the only viable S-Tier build, with the Unhallowed Essence Multishot Demon Hunter an alternative option.

Keep reading and you can get a good run through of what else is worth using from the A-Tier and B-Tier alternatives.

Diablo 3 Echoing Nightmare Tier List For Season 27

Echoing Nightmare S-Tier

Character Build
Demon Hunter
Marauder Sentry
Demon Hunter UE Multishot

Echoing Nightmare A-Tier

Character Build
LoD Wave of Light
LoD Skeletal Mage
AoV Fist of the Heavens

Echoing Nightmare B-Tier

Character Build
Monk Inna Mystic Ally
Demon Hunter Shadow Impale
LoD Corpse Explosion
Waste Whirldwind Rend
LoD Hammer of the Anchients
Witch Doctor
Mundunugu Spirit Barrage

C-Tier and Below

We’ve stopped short of giving the full rundown since, anything below C-Tier is going to be significantly less capable in Echoing Nightmare.

Frankly, if you’ve got the energy to do it, you may as well do it right with a decent build.

In fact, it’s also worth noting that some of the best Echoing Nightmare builds can make use of the Haedrig’s Gift starter set for Season 27.

For instance, you can get the the S-Tier Unhallowed Essence set for the Demon Hunter, or Barbarians Wrath of the Wastes set.

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