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Turtle BeachSeptember 14, 2022

Diablo 3 Death's Breath: Farming, Uses, and Drop Rates

Diablo 3 isn’t short of unique crafting materials in the game, but one of the most sought-after is Death’s Breath.

If you’re entering the challenging endgame and seeking to find a way to keep levelling up your character even further, Death’s Breath will be incredibly handy.

If you’ve only just started playing Diablo 3 and you’re still not sure what this material does, or how you can earn a lot of it fast, read on and we’ll explain everything you need to know!

What Is Death’s Breath in Diablo 3?

Death’s Breath is one of the game’s unique crafting materials.

You use Death’s Breath for enchanting, which for those who don’t know is the process of re-rolling one of the properties of a rare, set, or legendary class item.

It’s also used for Kanai’s Cube transmutations, crafting high-level gems and training Artisans past level 10.

So as you can see, it has a wide variety of uses in Diablo 3.

How do you get Death’s Breath in Diablo 3?

Players can get Death’s Breath by killing Elite enemies after level 61.

‘Elite’ monsters cover quite a wide variety of enemies in the game. The below list is the types of monsters classified as ‘Elite’. If you follow the link to the Fandom you can get more details.

You can also get Death’s Breath from Horadric Chests in Adventure Mode.

How to Farm Death’s Breath in Diablo 3?

If you want to farm Death’s Breath then we have some good news, your chances of it dropping from Elite monsters will increase with every increase in difficulty.

From Torment IV and above you have over 50% chance of Death’s Breath dropping from Elites. Once you hit Torment VIII it’s 100% drop rate.

The Death’s Breath Drop Rates are the following:

  • Normal – 15%
  • Hard – 18%
  • Expert – 21%
  • Master – 25%
  • Torment I – 31%
  • Torment II – 37%
  • Torment III – 44%
  • Torment IV – 53%
  • Torment V – 64%
  • Torment VI – 77%
  • Torment VII – 90%
  • Torment VIII – 100%, with 15% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment IX – 100%, with 25% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment X – 100%, with 50% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment XI – 100%, with 75% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment XII – 100% to drop 2
  • Torment XIII – 100% to drop 2, with 25% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment XIV – 100% to drop 3, with 25% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment XV – 100% to drop 3, with 50% chance of obtaining an extra one
  • Torment XVI – 100% to drop 3, with 75% chance of obtaining an extra one


Death’s Breath Farming Builds

It’s also advised that players looking to create a build that makes use of the Sage’s Journey armor set if they want to farm Death’s Breath.

That’s because the set grants a set bonus which will increase your farming efforts by 100%!

Players who have 3 pieces of the Armor will get a set bonus that will double all Death’s Breath drops.

Image Via majancroashowroom.weebly.com

Finally, you can also earn do Death’s Breath as a reward when undertaking a a Nephalem Challenge Rift.

That’s because, on completion of a Nephalem Challenge Rift, players will always receive a cache containing 10 Death’s Breaths as a reward.

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