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Turtle BeachSeptember 9, 2022

Diablo Immortal Best Monk Build - Skills, Legendary Items & Gems

The Diablo Immortal release has finally arrived, with Blizzard’s new mobile Diablo game hitting the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store. If you’ve only just downloaded the game and considering which class to play, might we suggest having a read of our Diablo Immortal Best Class Tier List before you proceed further?

Assuming you’ve already dived into the game and pledged your allegiance to the Monk class, you might be wondering what is the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal. With this in mind, we’ve pulled together this guide which attempts to answer that question with a specific focus on solo play. That means we’re looking at the best build for farming the game’s Bounties, Elder Rifts, Lairs, and Side Quests as a solo player.

If you’re looking for the best Monk build for PvP, Raids (Helliquary and Kion’s Ordeal), or Dungeons played in a group, you might want to check out a different guide more tailored to that specific criteria. Whilst it’s possible that these builds might be similar, there are always going to be slight variations based on the activity you’re playing (especially PvP).

This build guide also assumes you have played the game sufficiently to level up your character to Level 60, by which point you should be able to gather the associated skills, legendary items, legendary gems and set items without too much trouble.

9 September Note - Reviewed page for Season 4.

What is the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal

Despite being a mobile-first title, Diablo Immortal is still fairly robust in its approach as a loot-based game. As such players still have plenty of choices to make when assembling their character, including skills, gear and gems to equip all in the name of making your character stronger in the face of unspeakable hellish monsters.

There are countless different ways you can choose to maximise the potential of the class, but if you’re playing solo the best Monk build in Diablo Immortal is the Exploding Palm Monk Build.

The Monk class focuses on melee combat attacks like the Barbarian and Crusader, utilising a combination of attacks to group enemies together and deliver powerful AoE (area of effect) attacks.

This build is all about enhancing your speed and pulling enemies together and dealing big damage to groups. The build relies on moving about the map quickly, and grouping enemies together. You’ll use Fists of Thunder to do short ranges teleports to get around quickly, together with Seven-Sided Strike to dash. Mystic Strike and Cyclone Strike will pull together enemies and damage them too, whilst Exploding Palm will finish off any stragglers who are left standing.


Best Skills For Monk in Diablo Immortal

Monks have 2 Primary Attacks to choose from. For the best Monk Exploding Palm build, we would suggest going with the following:

• Fists of Thunder – Teleport to a nearby enemy and unleash a rapid succession of punches that each deal damage. You can teleport again after every third hit.

(Ultimate Ability) Lightning Flux – Enhance Fists of Thunder for 12 seconds, teleporting to an enemy on each hit and generating a thunderstorm each time you defeat an enemy. Thunderstorms deal damage and knock enemies away. You also gain a shield which absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds.

In addition to the Primary attack, Monks have up to 12 skills to choose from, and may equip up to 4 of them at time. If you’re looking to build the best Monk Exploding Palm build whilst playing solo, we suggest picking these skills:

• Cyclone Strike – Generate a vortex of wind which pulls in enemies and deals damage. Charging longer increases range and damage.

• Seven-Sided Strike (Unlocked at Level 8) – Dash rapidly between nearby enemies, striking 7 times, dealing damage each time. Additional hits on the same target deal only 50% of normal damage.

• Mystic Strike (Unlocked at Level 15) – Dash forward 4.5 yards and leave a spirit behind that will return to you, pulling all enemies in its path to you and dealing damage. Maximum 3 charges.

• Exploding Palm (Unlocked at Level 24) – Bleeding on them for 5 seconds. Enemies that die while Bleeding will explode, damaging nearby enemies. Enemies can only be hit 5 times within 1 second by these explosions, and starting with explosion 2 and beyond, take only 30% of normal damage. Maximum 2 charges.

Diablo Immortal Monk

Best Legendary Items for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Whilst you’ll start out with common, magic and rare items, you’ll eventually want to transition your primary items slots to Legendary items. These powerful pieces of equipment not only have higher stats, but also provide legendary powers to help enhance your existing skills. Plus, they can be socketed with Legendary gems too.

When assembling the best Monk Exploding Palm build, we’d opt for these Legendary items:

• Head – Crippling Insight

• Shoulders – Discipline’s Weight

• Chest – Breath of Incense

• Legs – Path of the Storm

• Main Hand Weapon – Dragon’s Indignation

• Off Hand Weapon – Eye of the Storm

Best Set Items for Monk in Diablo Immortal

You’ve got your legendary items equipped, now we need to think about your secondary gear slots, and like Diablo 3, we’re best equipping Set Items. These powerful armor pieces are earned once you reach max character level and can be found dropping in Dungeons from the final boss.

If you’ve never played Diablo before, set items work like this. If you have 2 items of the same set, you’ll gain a buff. This buff increases depending on whether you have 2, 4 or 6 items from the set in question. You can also mix and match with other sets if you wish. Unlike Diablo 3, Set Items won’t conflict with your Legendary Items, which makes it slightly less convoluted (thankfully). So you need to just focus on having the best Set Bonuses to augment your class build.

For the Best Monk Exploding Palm Build you ideally want to combine 4 pieces from the Issatar Imbued set, with 2 pieces from the Windloft Perfection set. Bonuses for both sets can be found on the table below:

Issatar Imbued Set
Windloft Perfection Set
2/6 Bonus Each time you defeat an enemy, you gain 30% increased Movement Speed for 2 seconds. Gain Thousand Winds, increasing your Movement Speed by 15%. Thousand Winds deactivates for 3 seconds if you take damage.
4/6 Bonus Damage dealt increased by 2.5% for every 5% increase in your Movement Speed, up to a maximum damage increase of 25%. Increases your damage done by 20% while Thousand Winds is active.
6/6 Bonus Each time you defeat an enemy, you have a 10% chance to gain an orbiting soul orb for 10 seconds, which deals 263 damage when it passes through an enemy. Cannot gain a soul orb more often than once every 40 seconds. Gain a shield that makes you immune to damage 5 times while Thousand Winds is active. Cannot gain this shield more often than once every 40 seconds.

And below you’ll find the names of the items you can grab and where you’ll get them from. Remember, you only need 4 pieces from the Issatar Imbued Set and 2 pieces from the Windloft Perfection Set.

Issatar Imbued Set
Name Slot Location
Issatar At Rest Neck Mad King’s Breach
Issatar Undone Ring 1 Cavern of Echoes
Issatar Enraged Ring 2 Pit of Anguish
Issatar’s Open Hand Hands Forgotten Tower
Issatar Contained Waist Tomb of Fahir
Issatar The Brute Feet Destruction’s End
Windloft Perfection Set
Name Slot Location
Wisdom’s Edge Neck Forgotten Tower
Fairfleet Ring 1 Mad King’s Breach
Foulfleet Ring 2 Pit of Anguish
Hurtling Steel Hands Tomb of Fahir
Whipcrack Waist Destruction’s End
Stump-Stir Feet Kikuras Rapids

Best Normal Gems for Monk in Diablo Immortal

We appreciate it might take some time to acquire those legendary gems (more on them in a minute) so for the sake of covering our bases, here’s a really quick guide on the best normal gems.

• Red Gems – Pick Tourmaline over Ruby, as a damage buff is better than a life buff.

• Blue Gems – Pick Sapphire over Aquamarine, as an armor penetration buff is preferable to an armor buff.

• Yellow Gems – It doesn’t matter as both potency and resistance are pretty pointless stats. Just pick whichever Citrine or Topaz gem is the highest level.

Best Legendary Gems for Monk in Diablo Immortal

Although the game contains plenty of normal gems (red, blue and yellow) to socket into your gear, it’s the game’s legendary gems which offer the best attribute bonuses and power boosts to your character. You can slot a maximum of 6 and you earn these in all manner of ways, but mostly from completing Elder Rifts.

Legendary Gems are also split between different tiers. 1 star and 2 star legendary gems are generally more common to acquire, whilst 5 star are much harder and offer great bonuses when slotted into your primary gear stots.

Below is a list of the best starter legendary gems (a mix of 1 and 2 star) as well as the best outright gems to slot into your primary gear slots.

Starter Legendary Gems Best Legendary Gems
Berserker’s Eye
Blessing of the Worthy
Everlasting Torment
Blood-Soaked Jade
Fervant Fang
Chip of Stone Flesh
Lightning Core Frozen Heart
Power & Command
Howler’s Call
Seled’s Weakening
Seeping Bile

That’s everything you need to know about the best Diablo Immortal Monk build for Season 1. If you’re looking for more Diablo Immortal guides, builds and tips then you’ll find plenty more help on the links below.

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