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Turtle BeachJanuary 18, 2022

Fortnite 19.10 Patch Notes: Release Date, Skins, Map, Weapons And Everything You Need To Know

Pitch A Tent

Update 19.10 is now live in Fortnite!

As time goes on, new updates are pushed to the game to freshen up content, add new cosmetics and expand the story.

Epic has always been touted for sprucing their game up quite a bit when a new seasons releases, and this is once again the case for Chapter 3.

Now, we're gearing up for the first patch in the new season and we're going to run over all the change coming in Fortnite Update 19.10!

Fortnite 19.10 Update Release Date

We will see the release of update 19.10 on January 18th 2022. More specifically, the update is intended to release after downtime ends, which begins at 9:00 am UTC, per FortniteStatus.

  • PS4 - 4.4GB
  • PS5 - 3.5GB
  • Xbox One - 4GB
  • Xbox Series X/S - 4.3GB
  • PC - 2.7GB
  • Switch -
  • Android -
Patch Notes


New Items:

  • Klomberry
    • Heal Amount: 1
    • Shield Amount: 1
    • Duration: 2.1s
    • Heals every 0.2 second
    • Max Stack: 15 - Spawns in Butter Cake Bushes
    • Butter Cake Bushes have a 30% chance to spawn
  • Pizza Slice
    • DPS: 80
    • Damage-Body: 40
    • Damage-Head: 40
    • Fire Rate: 2
  • Pizza Party

Weapon Changes:

  • Reinforced Traps are now also in competitive.
  • MK7:
    • Damage from 20/21/22/23/24/25 to 17/18/19/20/21/22
  • Ranger Rifle
    • Damage from 30/31/32/33/34 to 31/32/33/34/35
    • Ranger Rifle is now more accurate and the bullets don't spread overtime, when you stand still it shoots even more accurate


Fisher's Paradise

  • Rustaway Shores
  • Sandblast Estates
  • The Devoured
  • Dirt-Cut Circuit
  • Ridgeline Ranger Station
  • Lonesome Watchpost
  • Discarded Dinghy

NPCs And Animals

HYPEX has noted that they're going to be adding a new NPC animal called Buttercake.

Here is some things you can do with Buttercake:

  • You can be launched from it's blow hole
  • You can be attacked by it (by attacking it?)
  • It can Walk/Run
  • Sneeze
  • Push
  • Use it's mouth as a vacuum
  • You can also lure it

Skins And Cosmetics

Bug Fixes

According to Fortnite's Community Trello board, here are some of the bugs set to be fixed in this new update:

  • General Top Issues
    • DLSS Temporarily Disabled for DirectX11
  • Battle Royale Top Issues
    • Weekly Challenge: Collect Telescope Parts Issue
    • "Network Connection Lost" error when trying to join match as a spectator.
    • Some Outfits experience a dip in framerate and bright light when equipping Spider-Man's Web-Shooters
    • Progress for some Cosmetic Challenge Bundles not visible
    • Healing while in a tent is disabled
    • Daily Quests Don't appear if another mode was last played
  • Creative Top Issues
    • Crash Pads do not visually look correct
  • Save The World Issues
    • Vacuum Tube Bow is not causing chain lighting effect
  • Switch & Mobile Top Issues
    • The Storm is not as dense and is more transparent on Nintendo Switch

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