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Turtle BeachOctober 4, 2019

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Delivers All Of The Action You Could Want

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The latest entry in the legendary Tom Clancy video game series takes players on an adrenaline-fueled ride.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Delivers All Of The Action You Could Want

You would be hard-pressed to find fans of military-themed video games that have not yet experienced Tom Clancy’s exciting Ghost Recon franchise. The high-profile series has delivered multiple critically-acclaimed titles and is set to add another one to the list with the new entry of Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The Story

The story that players will be embarking through in Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the continuation of a storyline set up in the game’s predecessor of Wildlands. A team led by everyone’s favorite Ghost of Nomad is sent on a mission to investigate why the technologically advanced organization of Skell Tech has gone dark on the island Auroa.

After a catastrophic entry to Auroa, the player-controlled character of Nomad is soon confronted with a devastating truth. Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost and comrade of Nomad, is leading a rogue military unit and has taken complete control of Auroa and all of the military technology of Skell Tech. Players are then tasked with discovering what happened to turn the decorated soldier against his fellow Ghosts and stopping whatever dangerous plans Walker and his Wolves have for Auroa and the rest of the world.

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Players may only see Walker as a typical antagonist at first even after having served alongside the character in Wildlands during Operation Oracle. However, a significant theme of Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s story soon reveals itself in that not everything is black and white in this world. Flashbacks will show the motivation driving Walker on the path he is currently on in Breakpoint. The best villains are the ones who think they are heroes. High-profile actor Jon Bernthal does an excellent job of driving this narrative home throughout the story of the new title.

Cole carrying an assualt rifle stands before a group of hooded men with high tech machinery in the background.

Cole D. Walker leads his Wolves forward to hunt…Ghosts


Fans of Ghost Recon Wildlands will be happy to see that many of the gameplay elements in that particular game have found their way into Breakpoint. However, Breakpoint ramps up the survival aspect to a much higher level. Players will soon discover that they are not soldiers with regenerative health, but are characters who must tend to their wounds in realistic fashion if they intend to stay in the fight.

Variety is the spice of life, and Ghost Recon Breakpoint allows players to tailor how they approach combat on Auroa to however they like.

There are a total of four classes players can choose from that each provides their unique bonuses when it comes to combat scenarios. Medics can help keep themselves and their squadmates in the fight for as long as it is needed. Assault players bring extra health to the battle that allows them to be the battering ram required to gain the upper hand when a battle begins. The Panther class is perfect for players who would rather use stealth tactics to defeat their enemies. Finally, the Sharpshooter class is the one for players who enjoy covering their squadmates from afar and striking fear into their enemies.

Bearded military figure is bandaging a wound on his leg, while sitting on the ground grimacing in pain next to his gun in a jungle setting.


The massive story of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is what has been collecting the majority of attention for the new Tom Clancy game. Fortunately for multiplayer lovers, the original title provides a complete player versus player experience that will allow you to show off your skills against others from across the world.

This Ghost war game mode pits teams of four players against each in adrenaline-fueled matches where you must be successful in eliminating the enemy players or die trying. While Wildlands introduced multiplayer later on in its life cycle, Breakpoint is launching with a completely dedicated section of the game for those who enjoy competing against other players.

Competitive multiplayer is not the only way players can play with each other. Anyone can play the entirety of Breakpoint with up to three friends. Raids will also be coming to Breakpoint in the future in what will be a historic first for the Ghost Recon franchise.

Two military figures are firing in the foreground at others in the background as an explosion goes off behind them and bullets hit nearby to the left of them in a daylight firefight.

Those who have enjoyed the high-octane action and satisfying stealth nature of past entries in the popular Tom Clancy series will no doubt have plenty of fun exploring the world of Auroa in Ghost Recon Breakpoint this Fall and into the future.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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