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Turtle BeachAugust 15, 2022

GTA Online Best Hangar Location To Buy




GTA Online Best Hangar Location To Buy


August 15, 2022

What does the Hangar do in GTA Online? First and foremost hangars are useful for storing and displaying multiple Aircraft you purchase and the Aircraft Workshop, will also allow you to customize your private plane collection.

However, Hangars can also be used as a gateway into the profitable world of smuggling Air Freight Cargo. In addition, assuming you buy the right hangar it’ll also give you a good excuse to steal and fly one of the game’s most fun aircraft: The P-996 LAZER fighter jet.

Understandably though, if you’ve only just started playing GTA Online you might be wondering what is the best Hangar to buy in GTA Online? Read on and we’ll talk you through your options and the best Hangar location you should buy.

All GTA Online Hangar Locations

Before we get to which Hangar you should buy, here’s a quick list of all five of the Hangar locations you can buy in GTA Online using Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Hangar Location Price
In-game description
LSIA Hangar A17 Los Santos International Airport $1,200,000
More tons of contraband enter and leave San Andreas via LSIA than any other point in the state, so if you were looking for the high stakes table, you just found it. Time to pull up a chair.
LSIA Hangar 1 Los Santos International Airport $1,525,000
If you’ve ever flown out of LSIA, it will come as no surprise that most of the infrastructure has been auctioned off to career criminals. Beat the check-in lines, dodge the taxes, moon the cops: this is commercial flying as it should be.
Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499 Fort Zancudo $2,650,000
Have you viewed too many lifeless, cookie-cutter properties? Are you looking for something with a bit more character? This wonderful property is chock full of history, from the residual nerve agents in the brickwork to the previous occupant’s fingernails sunk lovingly into the concrete floor. Please note: this hangar provides the buyer with low level clearance to Fort Zancudo.
Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497 Fort Zancudo $2,085,000
Right at the heart of one of the IAA’s most exclusive and sought-after black sites, these industrial premises are perfect for the ambitious entrepreneur on the hunt for an address to impress. Just think of the wow-factor when you lead your clients past those lines of hooded detainees. Please note: this hangar provides the buyer with low level clearance to Fort Zancudo.
Fort Zancudo Hangar A2 Fort Zancudo $3,250,000
When it comes to hiding in plain sight, it doesn’t get much plainer than the largest military installation in the state. On the plus side, they won’t ask if you won’t tell, and if you need to do any advanced interrogation you’re welcome to borrow the bucket. Please note: this hangar provides the buyer with low level clearance to Fort Zancudo.

How To Relocate Hangar In GTA Online

Some players might already have a Hangar, perhaps they’ve been gifted it from Twitch Prime rewards, or GTA+ membership. Regardless, if you own a Hangar already but want to relocate to a ‘better’ location it is possible.

Do note that if you relocate you’ll lose your existing Hangar upgrades.

What is the BEST Hangar location to buy in GTA Online

If you’re wondering ‘does Hangar location matter in GTA Online‘ well the answer is no. It doesn’t make any difference which Hangar you buy since all properties have the same upgrades, missions, facilities and potential income. It doesn’t matter if you buy the cheapest Hangar, or the most expensive. They all do the same thing.

That being said, there are several smaller factors that players should consider before buying a hangar, and some of these smaller details do fundamentally mean that some hangars are better than others. Equally, there is a Hangar that most players would consider the ‘best’.

It’s all mainly to do with the distance from the hangar to where you’ll be flying for resupply missions. Most of which are in Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores. Likewise, the two Hangars in the city are more exposed and at risk of being destroyed by other players. The three Hangars in Fort Zancudo are better protected and any players who shoot inside the base will instantly get 4 stars and be hunted down by Rhino Tanks.

Of the three to choose from the best Hangar location to buy in GTA Online is Fort Zancudo Hangar A2. Whilst they’re all pretty similar, Hangar A2 seems to be slightly better situated for landing planes. Hangar 3497 is awkward to land whilst Hangar 3499 is a bit too far away and not close to any of the planes or helicopters in Fort Zancudo.

If you want to know more, we’d also recommend having a look at the video below from GTAGentleman.

That’s everything you need to know about the best Hangar location in GTA Online. If you’re looking for more GTA guides then follow the links below for more helpful tips, tricks and explainers.

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