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Hard-Boiled Fun: Easter Eggs In Resident Evil Village

Ethan Winters may not get the warmest welcome in Resident Evil Village, but perhaps the discovery of several Easter eggs in the game could put a spring in his step. In this case it really is best to put all your eggs in one basket, so let’s highlight the interesting details you might have missed with our Resident Evil Village Easter egg roundup. Abandon all hope for avoiding spoilers, ye who enter here!

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Resident Evil Village Easter Eggs

A Taste of Dimitrescu 

You might think that Ethan would at least be free from the influence of Castle Dimitrescu in his own home, but that’s not the case. At the beginning of the game, we see Ethan and Mia in (somewhat) domestic bliss. You might notice the Winters have a good supply of ‘Regina Rosie’ wine, the brand that we later find out was made in Castle Dimitrescu. In fact, Dimitrescu’s best vintage is even called Sanguis Virginis, or ‘maiden’s blood.’ It seems Ethan may have acquired a taste for more than just wine.

Home Sweet Home?

The Winters home is full of sly references to other titles in the franchise. If you venture upstairs you’ll find a storage room and an office. Stop to inspect their bookcase in the office and you’ll find a firearms manual written by Joseph Kendo, the gun shop owner from Resident Evil 2. In the storage room you’ll find  “A Historical Look into the Architecture of Eastern European Castles and Keeps” by George Trevnor. Series experts will recognize Trevnor as the designer of Spencer Mansion in the original Resident Evil 1. It seems the Winters know their Resi history!

Oddly enough, there’s also a nod to Ethan and Mia’s unpleasant experiences in Resident Evil 7 in their home. This comes in the form of a football player bobblehead kept on a stack of boxes that also featured as a collectible in the Baker house in 7. Not sure why you’d hold onto that one, Ethan.

Another interesting detail in their home is that all the mirrors, bar the fogged up bathroom mirror, are covered by sheets or blankets. This may have been partly a way of avoiding having to render reflections, but it’s also foreshadowing for the revelation that Mia is not all that she seems.

Toss a Coin to Your Duke

Much has been made of the parallels between Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4, and one of the homages to the earlier entry in the series is the character of the Duke. While you’re browsing the Duke’s wares, he may say the line “What are you buying?” and then chuckle, remarking it’s something an old friend used to say. That ‘old friend’ is the merchant from RE4.

Another, shinier Easter egg is the glints that appear in the environment. Just like in Resident Evil 4, if you shoot these they’ll drop items that you can sell. In a mechanic lifted from the earlier game, Village also allows you to combine certain treasures into even more valuable items.  

Doll’s House

Some Easter eggs aren’t even references to full games but teasers and trailers. One of these is a Resident Evil 4 E3 demo that showed Leon being attacked by living dolls in a hallucination. The scene never made it into RE4 but it came back from the dead in the form of Village’s House Beneviento and the creepy dolls within. The hallway of house Beneviento is also a close replica of the infamous one in P.T., even including a ringing phone and a disturbing baby.

Between a Rock and a Village

Late in the game, Ethan finds himself in battle with Lord Karl Heisenberg. Mid-fight and mightily angry, Heisenberg refers to Chris Redfield as a “boulder-punching asshole.” This ridiculous epithet is yet another reference to a previous Resident Evil game — this time Resident Evil 5 — in which Redfield ends up having to beat up a giant boulder during the final showdown of the game. It’s nice to see that despite the chilling tone of Village, the developers weren’t afraid to poke fun at their own series!

Bad Eggs

One of the biggest Easter eggs in Village comes in the form of a letter from Oswell E. Spencer, the founder of the Umbrella Corporation, to Mother Miranda. Found during Chris Redfield’s exploration of Miranda’s lab, this letter reveals that she was Spencer’s mentor and that many of the events in the Resident Evil series were inspired by what he learnt from her.

All in all, though Resident Evil Village might not seem like a festive place, it’s filled with Easter eggs for series fans to enjoy!

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Article author: Florence Smith Nicholls can be found on Twitter via @florencesn

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