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Turtle BeachFebruary 9, 2022

Lost Ark How To Leave Party


Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG that has released worldwide, and similar to New World, the hype has been building for some time.

Another game published by Amazon Game Studios, the game much like any other MMO has a party system.

But, leaving one may be a bit confusing to some players!

Lost Ark How To Leave Party

Partying up with friends and taking on countless monsters and bosses is some of the best feelings during an MMORPG and we're amped to see this feature within Lost Ark.

Now, you may have a party already setup during your game, but perhaps one of you have to go and need to leave the party.

If you're looking to leave the party here's how you'll be able to accomplish this!

  • Hover over your name in the top left
  • Hit CTRL, followed by Mouse 2
  • From here, there should be an option for you to leave party!

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