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Turtle BeachMarch 29, 2022

All Warzone Rebirth Island Weapon Blueprint Locations




All Warzone Rebirth Island Weapon Blueprint Locations


March 29, 2022

Since Warzone devs won’t be increasing TTK anytime soon, you might as well make sure that you’ve got the absolute best warzone guns available to you when you drop in.

With this in mind, it’s worth knowing where to find legendary blueprint weapons on Rebirth Island, especially since the launch of Warzone Season 2 Reloaded introduced a few new ones dotted across the map.

These are well worth aiming for when you first drop-in, and whilst they won’t give you a permanent unlockable blueprint to keep, they can give you an initial advantage over your opponents since you’ll have a weapon far superior to their base version

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Warzone Rebirth Island Blueprint Locations

Below you’ll find a map (Via Roccat) that outlines the weapon blueprints locations on Rebirth Island. In total there are 15 available to hunt down but do notes that whilst they have set spawn locations, not all of them spawn each match. So you might find that one match a weapon will be there and the next match it won’t.

Warzone Rebirth Island Weapon Blueprint locations

If you want more specifics on the locations themselves, we’ve also listed them below for you:

  • AMAX –  Living Quarters, Shadow Realm,
  • Bullfrog – Chemical Engineering, Silent Death
  • Buren – Spoiled Rotten, Top Prison
  • DMR – Tents Wall Piercing Strike
  • FFAR – Great Emperor, Shoreline Bunker
  • HDR – Feral, Water Tower
  • Kar98k (MW) – The Tower, Lighthouse Tower
  • Kilo 141 – Homecoming, Nova 6 Basement
  • MAC-10 – Cross Multiply, Bottom Control
  • MP5 (MW) – Buzzkiller, Tents
  • Nailgun – Puncture Wound, Prison Yard
  • R9-0 – Krakatoa, Chemical Engineering
  • Stoner – Denominator, Bio Basement
  • Streetsweeper – Brutalizer, Prison Cells
  • Swiss K31 – Stronghold Tower, Wake Up Call

And if you’re still struggling to find the legendary weapon blueprints, you should also check out ohhAtaraxia’s Youtube short, where they show off the exact location of each in under 40 seconds.


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