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Turtle BeachApril 1, 2022

The Best Early Armor Sets In Elden Ring


Elden Ring is aging like a fine wine and while a number of players are over 100 hours deep into all it offers, some are only just starting out.

If that includes yourself, you'll have noticed that death is a common occurance and being able to protect yourself is priority number one.

So what armor should you be looking to pick up if you're new to Elden Ring? Here are the best early armor sets in Elden Ring!

The Best Early Armor Sets In Elden Ring

While it doesn't appear that armor is as important as in previous souls titles, it'll still go a long way in helping you fend off some pesky attacks during your playthrough.

Elden Ring has a boatload of armor sets, and a lot of them you're actually able to obtain early game, with pieces of gear being useable until late-game.

We're going to run over some of the best armor sets within the game that players can obtain early, and where you'll be able to find them within Elden Ring.

  • Carian Knight
    • Obtainable within the Raya Lucaria Academy
  • Twinned Armor
    • Players will get this set via the main quest if you progress through the Fia quest line
  • Cleanrot Armor
    • Head over towards the Swamp of Aeonia and fight some Cleanrot Knights until players obtain the full armor set from them
  • Godrick Knight
    • This will be one of the peices players obtain via fighting Godrick and will be able to pick it up within the Roundtable

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