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Turtle BeachJuly 16, 2019

Most Wanted Horror-Themed Video Games


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Dying Light 2, Blair Witch, and Man of Medan are coming to deliver plenty of scares for horror fans.

Most Wanted Horror-Themed Video Games


July 16, 2019

We’ll never stop loving horror movies. Scary films play tricks with our minds. Where every little noise makes the hairs on our necks stand up, but getting to that point (be it in a crowded theater or biting our nails from the comforts of home) provides this incredible adrenaline rush. Suffice to say, despite struggling to turn off the lights after watching a film like The Shining or Let the Right One In, we’ll line up to be terrified by the next horror flick each and every time.

Turns out, the same can be said of video games which are these days just as cinematic as what Hollywood churns out. The big difference is that horror games last for several hours, whereas a majority of the movies are less than two. The experience of dread and terror able to work itself that much more into us as we play. That said, having survived such hits as Dead Space, Until Dawn, and the recent Resident Evil 2 remake, we can’t wait for the next crop of horror games. With this in mind, here are some upcoming scary games that we have our eyes on.

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First, Dying Light 2 is the sequel to the popular zombie action game that provided plenty of terrifying moments, with players battling to survive a catastrophic zombie outbreak in the fictional city of Harran. This highly anticipated sequel will ramp up what made its predecessor a horror success, with plenty of nasty zombies and suspenseful moments to make even the strongest heart skip a few beats. Moreover, Dying Light 2’s excellent audio design will also be at the forefront, providing countless moments of terror for players to enjoy thanks to an unprecedented level of immersion. 

While experiencing Dying Light 2 at E3 2019, we witnessed first-hand how this new level of immersion throws players into the middle of the zombie outbreak and makes them feel like they are experiencing it firsthand. We entered a bar, and the music playing inside this place mimicked real-world audio perception, where the sound from one speaker was altered depending on where the in-game character stood. We can only imagine how this will be with zombies trying to bite our heads off! We’ll find out when Dying Light 2 comes out next year.

Moving on, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t somewhat familiar with the Blair Witch film and the utter dread that comes with it. This sense of terror is the foundation for Bloober Team’s upcoming Blair Witch video game that will allow players to survive against the horror icon. 

In order to deliver an authentic and panic-filled environment, the developers at Bloober Team informed us of how they visited the actual forest from the Blair Witch legend and recorded as much audio as they could in order for players to experience the sounds in the video game. However, as with a real forest in the middle of nowhere, the developers explained that there will be periods in the game where silence will rule in order to help provide as realistic and terrifying an experience as possible. Check out Blair Witch in August.

Last, but certainly not least, Supermassive Games with Mand of Medan. They are no strangers to delivering fear-filled gaming experiences, as their interactive horror romp, Until Dawn, saw a great deal of success and support. Now the masters of interactive video game horror are back at it again with their upcoming release Man of Medan. The first entry in The Dark Pictures anthology video game series will have players following a group of Americans trapped on a cursed ghost ship. 

One of the driving forces of the Man of Medan experience will be the vast array of dialogue options players can choose from when conversing with other characters. With the Man of Medan narrative adapting to the dialogue options that players select, one foolish remark could lead to the player having to survive one of the horrors the Man of Medan world has to offer. It is hard to think of something more bone-chilling or nerve-wracking than questioning everything you say, considering one wrong decision may lead to someone’s demise. Watch your tongue when Man of Medan arrives August 30.

Dying Light 2, Blair Witch, and Man of Medan will transport players to terrifying worlds complete with impressive graphics and most importantly, spine-tingling audio. We’ll have more info on these upcoming titles the moment they are released.

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