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Turtle BeachJune 25, 2021

Valorant KAYO Agent Guide: Abilities Explained, Best Strategies, Tips And Tricks


While Episode Three threw a ton of changes at players, the biggest one is the new agent, KAY/O. While any agent can change the game, KAY/O in particular is here to shake up the meta with Valorant’s newest mechanic, suppression.

Essentially, suppression takes away enemy abilities. This forces the enemies to rely on gunplay alone, which can either be really good or really bad depending on who you’re up against.

Here are some tips and tricks to fully use KAY/O’s move set.

KAYO Abilties Explained


FRAG/MENT is basically a grenade that deals damage multiple times in a radius. Once thrown,
the ability will stick to the floor wherever it lands and dish almost enough damage to take out an enemy each time it pulses.


FLASH/DRIVE is a good old flashbang. This ability can bounce multiple times, but you’ll more
than likely see it bounce once before going off. It’s got a two second cook time, so it’s great for flashing from far away. The alt fire for this ability shortens the cook time, making it ideal for unexpected peaks or for quick rushes.


ZERO/POINT is KAY/O’s signature ability, and it’s where all the suppression starts. The ability
looks like a knife, and it has the game physics of one too. Once thrown, it will stick to a surface, wind up, and suppress any enemies caught in a circled area around it. It will also tell KAY/O and teammates what enemies are currently suppressed.


NULL/CMD is essentially a power up for KAY/O. Once activated, KAY/O has an increased fire rate and emits suppression pulses in a large area around him, going through walls and any other map terrain to suppress enemies. If KAY/O is downed while in this ability, teammates have 15 seconds to come revive him.

Tips For Using KAYO's Abilities

While KAY/O’s abilities are pretty straightforward in what they do, they have a lot of different uses. In fact, KAY/O’s kit might be the most versatile in the game right now in terms of what the agent can do on both attack and defense.

Tip 1: Using KAY/O’s ZERO/POINT for recon

KAY/O’s E ability, ZERO/POINT, can be used to find where enemies are since the ability shows
players who are suppressed. On maps with long lines of sight, or even ways to throw things at
oncoming enemies, ZERO/POINT can be used to scout and see if enemies are coming. For example, the bars on the window on B-site of Ascent is one of the cheekiest places to use this.

Because ZERO/POINT has the physics of a throwing knife, you can pretty much line your cursor up with wherever you want to hit. Keep in mind that the radius for the suppression works in a circle, so it’s alright if you throw it a little high. This also works really well if enemies are aggressively pushing with flashes since it takes away their abilities.

Tip 2: Control enemies with KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT

FRAG/MENT plays very similarly to Brimstone’s Molly or Killjoy’s Nanoswarm, and its uses are
pretty much the same as well. The ability is great no matter what side of the map you’re on, and
you can use it in gunfights to move enemies in the direction you want.

If you’re being pushed in a fight, you can use it to keep enemies at bay long enough to regroup
with your team. If the enemy team is trying to push onto a site, block off the entry with it. If you
can’t watch every direction after you plant the spike, prevent enemies from coming one way by
setting it off. If you use the ability in a variety of ways, then you’ll throw your enemy off and get
an advantage.

Keep in mind that FRAG/MENT deals damage after a brief wind up period between pulses. Even though the agent just came out, players are finding ways around this ability by pushing through the ability when it’s winding up. If this happens, you can use other abilities to deter aggressive pushes.

Tip 3: Use KAY/O’s ultimate ability with backup

While NULL/CMD provides a powerful fire rate buff for KAY/O, the only way to get full use of the ability is to use it with your team. KAY/O’s pretty powerful, and his abilities set him up well for solo play, but he’ll need his teammates if he wants to be revived.

With the constant suppression pulses, NULL/CMD makes for a powerful way to get onto a site
as attackers. It can also be a good way to take back sites if you’re on defense. No matter what
you do, make sure your team is there to trade kills and support you before charging in.

While he was light on information about included maps, Henderson did give some vital information on how the maps will be played. There's a good chance the game mode will be limited to 64 players per server on past-generation consoles. BattleHub servers will be at the 128 cap for current-generation console as well as PC servers, however some older maps will simply not be able to support this many players and will also be capped at 64 people. Considering DICE recently announced that bots would be used to reach this 128 number anyways, this may be for the best.

Henderson also stated that both Hazard and BattleHub mode will be available as separate downloads, allowing players to free up some disk space without uninstalling the entire game. The BattleHub game mode will also be updated alongside the Battlefield 2042 battle pass seasons, with new weapons, equipment, and vehicles supposedly being added with each new season.

Check out the writer, Brittany Iline Alva, on Twitter @brittany_iline.

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