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Turtle BeachApril 5, 2022

Valorant Update 4.06 Patch Notes: Release Date, Bug Fixes, Agent Changes And Everything You Need To Know

What's next for Valorant?

Valorant's latest Act (Episode 4 Act 2) has been out for a few weeks and the next update will no doubt aim to balance any outstanding issues since its launch.

Valorant has had a rocky start to its new Act, with multiple bugs arising after the update went live, resulting in more than one hotfix.

The most recent update saw big overhauls to agents, in particular Yoru and a number of maps changes.

So what's coming next? Here are the patch notes for update 4.06 in Valorant.

Release Date

This update has been cancelled as confirmed by Jeff Landa.

Valorant updates tend to arrive on Tuesdays, every two weeks, but this could be delayed if Riot do not have the patch ready in time.

4.06 Patch Notes

There isn't any patch notes for Valorant 4.06 update as of now, and aside from the regular bug fixes and glitches that Riot are constantly fine-tunning we have some guesses into what may come.

For those who don't know, the PBE was cancelled for April 1-4, which isn't really a good sign for the patches timing, but nevertheless, here's some predictions into what we may see during this update.

  • Night Market returns on April 7
  • There may potentially be changes to Omen's abilities, as right now, there's been some discouse online that players are getting fed up with not being able to purchsae two smokes and a Ghost on Pistol round.

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